This is a fan page for World Basketball Manager game series
Here you will find the famous Real Name Patch for all WBM and WBM Tycoon versions!
WBM also supports Team Logos, Players' Photos and Managers' Photos. But except national team flags, no other images are included in the official version.
So I decided to collect as many Team logos and Player images as possible and make them available for all WBM fans to download.
Photos and logos patch is currently at version 1.9.15 (season 2015) and includes 14.326 images!
Notice that the patches work with World Basketball Manager Tycoon also!


Collecting all these images is a huge job.
You can help me by collecting some images and send them to in order to include them in the free download.
Please send only images that are currently missing from the patch.

And don't forget... If you start a manager career in WBM, You can add your own image in the game!
Here is how:
1. Resize a face photo of you at size 56x75
2. Open your save with the data editor.
(is inside "...My Documents/WBM/DB" named 00001 or 00002 etc)

3. Locate your name at Managers page.
4. Select add photo and load your photo.